Bootstrap scripts for a live usb debian distribution

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Zulu Linux

Lightweight Debian installation using bootstrap meant 
to be used on usb key or ssd.

This is a little rough, and has some hardcoded stuff, but a basic
distribution creation is pretty straightforward


  • The bootstrap script is only tested on Debian (works on 6, 7, 8)
  • Run the script and choose the option you want
sudo ./
  • To create a fresh installation do the following:
[+] Choose a Debian version: 3
[+] Choose an action: 1
[+] Choose an action: 2
* The 1st action will create a basic chroot using bootstrap
* The 2nd action will apply installation scripts
  • Then you must install the chroot to some device you can use the duplicate script, which suspports a variety of input/output
sudo ./scripts/duplicate/
    Source: ./debian-wheezy-i386
    Destination: /dev/sdc1
  • You may as well create an iso from the duplicate script then creating a vagrant box with ./scripts/