Jean-Baptiste Aubort 44f1eef807 fixme: change tables to be correct with new arrangment 4 months ago
assets 4cb67b5971 garden: add zen music everywhere in the garden 6 months ago
generate-matrix-tiles 9cb68559a2 main: a new matrix bg again 5 months ago
tiles_png 0d23b0f800 main: add conference room door, move doors around 4 months ago
COPYRIGHT 298171dd38 Add tardis reference 7 months ago 5a51f8aebe README: Add tileset source 7 months ago
conf.json 157abfe075 conf: remove jitsi public at the bottom (sneak behind the wall) 4 months ago
construct.json 260729d610 tileset optimization 7 months ago
crypto.json 5a8f2981a9 crypto: move bed orientation in closed cell 4 months ago
crypto_tower.json aaa8d5d31d crypto_tower: better water 4 months ago
fixme.json 44f1eef807 fixme: change tables to be correct with new arrangment 4 months ago
garden.json a2109f144b garden: animated water 6 months ago
infraly.json 8fad3baf8b infraly: fix collisions and add zoning 4 months ago
main.json 6782027dc3 main: fix exits and reorder layers 4 months ago
micro.json c43c0ad22a add lots of dungeon tilesets, clean stuff, use food and storage tileset instead of individual files 4 months ago
quizz_template.json 260729d610 tileset optimization 7 months ago
quizz_win.json 260729d610 tileset optimization 7 months ago
scitas.json 6413c5a89b scitas: some cosmetic changes 4 months ago
tardis.json dc16f8425f tardis: add sprites 7 months ago
template.json 6707d28783 conf, template: map is not infinite 4 months ago


2D world for the FIXME hackerspace and other places.


  • Use Tiled to edit the json maps
  • Integrate tilemaps using the embeded option (see Documentation)
  • Disable infinite map in Map > Map properties > Inifnite
  • Only 32x32 tiles

Tile optimizations

Tilesets that have no border between tiles need to be optimized.

You can use this tool to optimized your tilesets and maps automatically.

git clone
cd path/to/rc3-world-fixme/
node path/to/map-optimizer-action/src/action.js
git commit -am "optimize tilesets"


This is the lobby to go to other worlds (map files in json format). To add a world, create a map in a separate json file and edit the main.json file to add an exit layer to your world, also edit the text tileset to add the name of your world.


See Some tileset resources: