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Hooks for the Marvelous Music Manager

hmmm is a daemon that uses the idle command of mpd to execute scripts when events occurred.


  • database: the song database has been modified after update.

  • update: a database update has started or finished. If the database was modified during the update, the database event is also emitted.

  • stored_playlist: a stored playlist has been modified, renamed, created or deleted

  • playlist: the current playlist has been modified

  • player: the player has been started, stopped or seeked

  • mixer: the volume has been changed

  • output: an audio output has been enabled or disabled

  • options: options like repeat, random, crossfade, replay gain

  • sticker: the sticker database has been modified.

  • subscription: a client has subscribed or unsubscribed to a channel

  • message: a message was received on a channel this client is subscribed to; this event is only emitted when the queue is empty