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  rorist db79d51d84 how to deploy on k8s without https 3 months ago
  rorist d82fbc20f6 Make things work 3 months ago
  rorist c4a6af6cb7 Use a dockerfile for the service so it's easy to deploy and test 4 months ago
  rorist 133b9a506b deps 4 months ago
  rorist bc759b0cb0 Fix debug print() 4 months ago
  rorist 845171ee43 Migrate from Flask to Quart for event driven support using AsyncIO 4 months ago
  rorist a0c1d2e8e4 use 2 separated lists for row/col 4 months ago
  rorist 72f158e4bb docs 4 months ago
  rorist 4bea0d08d7 remove processes 4 months ago
  rorist ead6a047bf plan for updates 4 months ago
  rorist 37d227bb3c timeout on join 1 year ago
  rorist 3d36da3c97 After terminating we have to join the process so it doesn't become a zombie 1 year ago
  rorist 118291e90b Stop the effect when we should 1 year ago
  rorist c4dad3bba9 better way to let the proc being killed 1 year ago
  rorist 4a66062134 this was way too fast for the controller?? 1 year ago
  rorist 3170f81df5 man 1 year ago
  rorist 602e43bf39 faster effect and stop the effect in all cases 1 year ago
  rorist 61066a2b80 Some kind of scan effect 1 year ago
  rorist ae6e24f9cb Use process instead of thread so we can kill them (for effect that are controlled from foo and never ends) 1 year ago
  rorist caefab609a Allow function to control which led strip to turn on 1 year ago
  Jean-Baptiste Aubort 62b4582d18 TODO 1 year ago
  rorist 12e4e7fb53 Change default value for on 1 year ago
  rorist 95af72a98c Add state status 1 year ago
  rorist 54e655d67e Add CORS for Access-Control-Allow-Origin:* header 1 year ago
  rorist b366376805 Better curl example with scheme:// 1 year ago
  rorist 6536b684a6 Make sure colors are integers as some functions (gradual) needs it (not jump apparently) 1 year ago
  rorist c75178d268 well color list was correct. 1 year ago
  rorist 0335e37dca Fix color list 1 year ago
  rorist e6de72dff7 automatic effects list in usage 1 year ago
  Jean-Baptiste Aubort 9d1696243a set current color when in special modes (police=red, on=white).. This is not very good to do that there.. we probably must create a class to handle all that.. 1 year ago