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  • A project to squat the domain name. The original goal was to make a list of hackerspaces in switzerland.


  • A scraper exist that will search in for any hackerspaces registered in switzerland. It will then provide a json file in "site/list". The key are the names of the hackerspace and the value a dictionnary containing all the information in the hackerspace. If an information doesn't exist, the key will be absent


  • The site use the list json to provide a map with one marker per hackerspace.
  • to test it, just open the index.html, it should work out of the box.
  • The directory structure for the site is as follow
    • libs : javascript library or element needed by them.
    • script : script used directly in the html.
    • img : png icons used in the map (icons were created at fixme) and images used in the template.
    • css : stylesheets used in the template.
  • To launch a devloppement version, simply execute the script. This will launch a simple http server in the site directory on port 8000.