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  Jean-Baptiste (Rorist) Aubort de56aea030 Update: Bastli, Starship Factory 6 years ago
  gcmalloc f5b7a8ceac updating the list 6 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste 449db14b36 Merge with simplier_theme: change capitalize and meta 6 years ago
  gcmalloc 2f12e1f805 Merge remote-tracking branch 'prod/master' 7 years ago
  gcmalloc 748f0487fb Merge pull request #10 from fixme-lausanne/firefox-fixes 7 years ago
  gcmalloc 3a14884ffe fix hackersp 7 years ago
  gcmalloc aebee4b342 firefox doesn't really like that someone touch its string 7 years ago
  gcmalloc bebf195ce7 quite bad to have dummy data on google 7 years ago
  Jean-Baptiste (Rorist) Aubort 29698a89fa Default page is a hint (select hs) 7 years ago
  Jean-Baptiste (Rorist) Aubort 9c2a8c92b8 tabs->spaces 7 years ago
  Jean-Baptiste (Rorist) Aubort b328a9daf2 Meta description 7 years ago
  Jean-Baptiste (Rorist) Aubort 0772d3f3e8 Image max-height in css only, dont break one-third margin-botto for img-logo-container 7 years ago
  Jean-Baptiste (Rorist) Aubort b60f883d4a Truncate long URLs 7 years ago
  Jean-Baptiste (Rorist) Aubort c15e5fa2ab Placeholder logo when none present 7 years ago
  Jean-Baptiste (Rorist) Aubort 611b44f203 Placeholder logo when none present 7 years ago
  Rorist 4d58c43800 Better organisation in the hs data 7 years ago
  Rorist 8307032d6c Change from dd/dt/dl to ul/li/label..., remove unnecessary html comments and elements, better data (do not show when empty, show list recursivly, etc) 7 years ago
  Rorist 5b114e17cd Begin to add data 7 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste c4c6c318f1 Fix map position with dropdown menu 7 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste fc50a4edba Fix dropdown menu (mobile/small screen) bis 7 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste 9088d94cdc Fix dropdown menu (mobile/small screen) 7 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste 36a6ca4e3c Remove uneeded html comments 7 years ago
  Marc Chappuis (marcha) 430906eea3 fixed missing capitalize function if startsWith exists 7 years ago
  diadzine 8930528679 solved conflicts for merge 7 years ago
  gcmalloc 9ff5a46453 Merge pull request #9 from fixme-lausanne/pagination 7 years ago
  gcmalloc a39ea71e1e removing debug information 7 years ago
  gcmalloc e82f77f17e multipage support 7 years ago
  gcmalloc c1a98969a2 adding the real request for the hackerspaces list 7 years ago
  gcmalloc 9e59a62941 refactoring the scraper 7 years ago
  gcmalloc a2d2a73c00 Merge pull request #6 from fixme-lausanne/spaceapi 7 years ago