Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste 56827b8f39 Bigger buttons for the trigger 6 years ago
  gcmalloc c2c4e5dc69 html is better 6 years ago
  gcmalloc 5565a58385 adding slider for the breath value 6 years ago
  gcmalloc ef364530a7 specify id explicitely 6 years ago
  gcmalloc 9e0cd57552 static object ? 6 years ago
  gcmalloc d24db9bb8a a bit better, with a global scope for the police state 6 years ago
  gcmalloc 633538e2bb Temporary create a function to stop the police, this is not the best solution. 6 years ago
  gcmalloc 558282daae even more https 6 years ago
  Rorist ed4c8cd578 Revert last commit as webduino doesnt support ssl :( 6 years ago
  Rorist 8957c73f96 Use httpS for 6 years ago
  gcmalloc eef699ed1d fixing a http link 6 years ago
  gcmalloc 9ae8566ae5 ssl in the css too 6 years ago
  gcmalloc e309a7aa59 changing easter egg 6 years ago
  gcmalloc 0513385a16 inline buttons 6 years ago
  gcmalloc 1e98af11d1 a better button 6 years ago
  gcmalloc 7b066862fd adding error message 6 years ago
  gcmalloc c74d195e0d English is much better 6 years ago
  Rorist 4e5d1f4f2e Trigger: block dont take space when hidden, remove Hours: 6 years ago
  Rorist 9155a7b8f7 Color for the fieldset 6 years ago
  Rorist 7b7881f106 Moar color for the led switch in the trigger 6 years ago
  Rorist 59c3c768f8 Better look in general (trigger) 6 years ago
  Rorist f75538ec7b Trigger much better for mobile: adaptative size 6 years ago
  Rorist c6551385f9 Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// 6 years ago
  Rorist 62bbde1d52 Relative link to foo (debug style) 6 years ago
  gcmalloc 4ece9fc445 correctin a cast error 7 years ago
  gcmalloc 76f9ada085 cleaner code 7 years ago
  Francois Deppierraz 8744f9fd36 Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// 7 years ago
  Francois Deppierraz 977e47d67c Police! 7 years ago
  gcmalloc 162b77e295 relaunch the timer after one minute 7 years ago
  gcmalloc aeca6b5caa aligning the open and close button 7 years ago