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  Sacha Bron 52a748db5e New design in progress! 7 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste 65d4e391f3 Only send breath request when the slider is released but show value change realtime.. fix breath typo in switchTheLight 7 years ago
  Rorist 12fa7c931c Fix breath post name, max to 5000 7 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste 1a076efdb1 Better use the step than js for the breath slider 7 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste 266a1d8a33 maximum of breath slider, and looks 7 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste a174c43eba Trigger: message when the status is changing, fix breath 7 years ago
  gcmalloc c2c4e5dc69 html is better 7 years ago
  gcmalloc 558282daae even more https 7 years ago
  gcmalloc e309a7aa59 changing easter egg 7 years ago
  gcmalloc 0513385a16 inline buttons 7 years ago
  gcmalloc 1e98af11d1 a better button 7 years ago
  gcmalloc c74d195e0d English is much better 7 years ago
  Rorist 4e5d1f4f2e Trigger: block dont take space when hidden, remove Hours: 7 years ago
  Rorist 7b7881f106 Moar color for the led switch in the trigger 7 years ago
  Rorist 59c3c768f8 Better look in general (trigger) 7 years ago
  Rorist f75538ec7b Trigger much better for mobile: adaptative size 7 years ago
  Francois Deppierraz 8744f9fd36 Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// 7 years ago
  Francois Deppierraz 977e47d67c Police! 7 years ago
  gcmalloc aeca6b5caa aligning the open and close button 7 years ago
  Francois Deppierraz 8cb0de0b75 LED light control 7 years ago
  gcmalloc 020254d2dc opacity to 0.8 8 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste fa782d617d trigger: add re-open button, loading visible by default 8 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste 9ca6b7dfd8 Add favicon for index and trigger 8 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste ebf79df4c8 trigger: center-block is now uniq and only open/close/loading block shows/hides, api status message is used instead of hardcoded for each status, add a function to show/hide div and set height/visibility 8 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste f3542f184c Load from the start 8 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste b61d0d511c Title 8 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste f22af20882 Add minus/plus btn for hours, prevent page selection 8 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste a26373ed5c layout for trigger 8 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste c6addfbbeb JS to the bottom, add loading block, refresh every minutes 8 years ago
  gcmalloc f030bf43b7 correcting typo 8 years ago