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  Jean-Baptiste (Rorist) Aubort 333d015a8c Fix police delay back 5 years ago
  Jean-Baptiste (Rorist) Aubort 937fc60b35 better declaration of Police, 4spaces indent 5 years ago
  Jean-Baptiste (Rorist) Aubort 4723302c26 tabs->spaces 5 years ago
  Jean-Baptiste (Rorist) Aubort 9ca9ce5ba4 Fix recursive interval 5 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste b85bb3fafd Fix unecessary alert() when cancelling prompt() and change extend logic a little bit.. 6 years ago
  Crazygolem 85aef0255c Update style.css 6 years ago
  Sacha Bron 86a7146d3a Fixing style to open Fixme 6 years ago
  Sacha Bron 75b2d96a54 Marquee 6 years ago
  Sacha Bron 3900d6f5b7 Big buttons 6 years ago
  Sacha Bron 2202583dd0 Google API in HTTPS 6 years ago
  Sacha Bron 12e1920ecf Fixing index 6 years ago
  Sacha Bron ccaca5e73e Seconds are aliiiiive! 6 years ago
  Sacha Bron 52a748db5e New design in progress! 6 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste 7e646387fe Spaceapi 0.13 ext_duration and status message 6 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste 9bdd6ce545 Spaceapi 0.13 6 years ago
  Rorist 52dbb97eb8 fix link... 6 years ago
  Rorist d542356f04 Add print 6 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste 65d4e391f3 Only send breath request when the slider is released but show value change realtime.. fix breath typo in switchTheLight 7 years ago
  Rorist 12fa7c931c Fix breath post name, max to 5000 7 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste 1a076efdb1 Better use the step than js for the breath slider 7 years ago
  Jean-Baptiste (Rorist) Aubort dccde83014 Only update one of two breath 7 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste 266a1d8a33 maximum of breath slider, and looks 7 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste a174c43eba Trigger: message when the status is changing, fix breath 7 years ago
  Aubort Jean-Baptiste 56827b8f39 Bigger buttons for the trigger 7 years ago
  gcmalloc c2c4e5dc69 html is better 7 years ago
  gcmalloc 5565a58385 adding slider for the breath value 7 years ago
  gcmalloc ef364530a7 specify id explicitely 7 years ago
  gcmalloc 9e0cd57552 static object ? 7 years ago
  gcmalloc d24db9bb8a a bit better, with a global scope for the police state 7 years ago
  gcmalloc 633538e2bb Temporary create a function to stop the police, this is not the best solution. 7 years ago