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  Francois Deppierraz 560cb00077 update deploy 2 days ago
  Francois Deppierraz d393d2264d change mail title 2 days ago
  Francois Deppierraz 904474d1f3 add Monthly cron (bis) 2 days ago
  Francois Deppierraz 55a47c949e add Monthly cron 2 days ago
  Francois Deppierraz 6f0d6c8f14 spam comitee before checking last run timestampe 2 days ago
  Francois Deppierraz 0ffbe33deb deployment 2 days ago
  Francois Deppierraz 1ab550a2cc fix wrong condition, check was only made in dryrun mode... 2 weeks ago
  Jean-Baptiste Aubort c391042a82 logging: debug level not by default 3 weeks ago
  Jean-Baptiste Aubort 0a9f397a71 arrow doesn't work with string timestamp, PLEASE TEST YOUR COMMITS 3 weeks ago
  Francois Deppierraz 00e28f9248 Add --force parameter 3 weeks ago
  Francois Deppierraz a8872b7a6f doc update 3 weeks ago
  Francois Deppierraz 0714e1f52e Move last run timestamp into odoo database 3 weeks ago
  Francois Deppierraz 15637c55b0 Reformatting using black 3 weeks ago
  francois 1a7d1d70ee Merge branch 'feat/send-mail-to-comite' of FIXME/cotisations into master 3 weeks ago
  Sacha Bron f89f29eeb7 Send email to the comité if Odoo is not up to date 3 weeks ago
  Francois Deppierraz d9f3c8217f Production ready 4 weeks ago
  Francois Deppierraz 5188571d9d Nitpicking (bis) 4 weeks ago
  Francois Deppierraz 97b39102b7 Nitpicking 4 weeks ago
  Francois Deppierraz 53f909b195 chais plus 4 weeks ago
  Francois Deppierraz 845c18abcc testing 4 weeks ago
  Francois Deppierraz c8c28b33c1 display email address 4 weeks ago
  Francois Deppierraz b43660ef60 messages plus clairs 4 weeks ago
  Francois Deppierraz d7aef50ec7 late night coding session 4 weeks ago
  Francois Deppierraz 2f6b40da0c Let's fix that stuff baby 4 weeks ago
  Sacha Bron cf7be8decb Add should_run condition 4 weeks ago
  poti 21e7dc3eb4 petite correction dans le message adressé à la personne 1 month ago
  Jean-Baptiste Aubort e9403b465d FUCKING README PLEASE 1 month ago
  Francois Deppierraz 72fb781ac2 Add bank statement status check 1 month ago
  Francois Deppierraz 969b5247ad Improve dryrun output 1 month ago
  Jean-Baptiste Aubort 0ada7f68e3 Add dryrun mode (doesnt send email) and arguments handling, move main to its own run() function 1 month ago